How Could You Have Thought Those Things?

Gianni was sure he knew what was coming next; he just didn’t know how it was going to play out. He waited for what he thought was hours. Sato san entered the room and gave a very warm hello and a pitcher of iced green tea.

“Hello Gianni san, I am very glad to see you here”.

“Thank you Sato san, that means a lot to me”.

Gianni poured himself a glass of the iced green tea and continued his wait.

Finally the door opened and Kumiko entered, said nothing, and sat down at the end of the table. Her face was expressionless and she didn’t speak for at least a minute. Gianni’s heart was accelerating and his thoughts were becoming unclear. This was the woman he loved showing him nothing, no warmth, no smile and no anger; it was agonizing. Having opted not to try and speak to her in this weak state he could only sit and look. Still she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Finally she turned her head and looked at him.

“How is it possible for you to have thought those things you said, I have never been so hurt by such angry words. I know that pain can easily change to anger but I never knew it could change that quickly. So quickly you thought those thoughts and said those words. You hurt me so deeply, so deeply that I feared the same thing would happen to me. I feared I might try to protect myself from the terrible pain with anger; it was difficult not to let that happen.

“I am so very sorry; it was a break in my thinking, of course, I knew that what I was saying couldn’t possibly be true. It was such a combination of things that I can’t be sure what made me loose my clarity. It was, of course, that Japanese mysterioso that seems, even after the better part of a year, to always bring questions to my mind. It was the hostess club, which is also strange to my background and in that setting to see you with your arms around another man my rational thinking broke down. Please forgive me.”

I do forgive you and I will continue to love you but please don’t loose your clarity again Gianni.”

Gianni felt a huge sense of relief and that pressure of tears behind his eyes was pushing hard and he was trying to keep an image of a stoic Japanese man. Kumiko reached from the end of the table and their arms were instantly entwined, Kumiko began to weep and that was Gianni’s breaking point of control, the tears flowed and they helped each other trough the moment. Soon, while they were both embraced the tears magically made a wonderful transition to laughter and they enjoyed there time alone in the meeting room.

Kumiko was the first one to speak.

“What are you doing tonight Gianni san?

“I’m not sure but I hope what ever it is it will be together with you. … I have an idea; why don’t you come with me to the sushi bar I always go to and we’ll come back together to The Designer Club”

Kumiko said that was a perfect idea and they left together. That was the first time they went into the public world together. Gianni was very happy and although he said nothing he hoped they would meet people from the school that they knew. They didn’t. At the sushi bar Sadayuki and his colleagues were on extra good behavior still with great humor and at the same time great respect. They also took advantage of Kumiko to translate all the things about Gianni that language problem made impossible before. There was much laughter and new unknown dishes. Gianni was very happy not to see the tuna eye looking back at him from his plate. They both enjoyed their meal, said good-bye and walked back to The Designer Club.

Gianni was feeling strange about seeing all the people he had managed it insult or at least shown bad behavior. When they entered The Designer Club Kenji was the first to welcome him. With a genuine smile, one of the few Gianni had seen had seen from him, he said,

“Good evening Gianni san, welcome.”

Miho san was even happier to see him and as well as the bow she placed both her hands on his face and pulled his head down so it touched hers.

“So very happy to see you Gianni san, welcome”

Shuko, Ryoko and the other girls were their usual effervescent selves but clearly very pleased to see he and Kumiko san together.

The evening was a classical The Designer Club evening except when it got late instead of saying good bye to everybody and walking back the Rihga Royal; Gianni asked Kumiko if he could take her home. She surprised him and everyone by saying yes and for the first time they left together.

Gianni said,

“Ok, here we are, where do you live?”

“It’s very far Gianni san, I hope you feel like walking”.

He really didn’t feel like walking but said,

“Sure, let’s go”

They went around the corner that The Designer Club was on and Kumiko took a key and opened a door on the side of the building.

Gianni laughed and so did Kumiko,

“I told you it was far away”

They went up one flight of stairs and just as Gianni guessed it was an exquisite apartment. One room was very Japanese with tatami floor and all traditional Japanese furniture and the other room the dining room was pure western. With a beautiful table and contemporary art works on the wall, Gianni recognized nothing but it was clear they were originals and of high quality. He could see through a curtain that hung over a doorway that the room behind was the kitchen and from the Japanese room there was another door that had to be the bedroom.

“Gianni, let’s take a bath”

Gianni followed her through the door.

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