Living With Time

It's after me, it's been after me for a long time, I can't see it but I know it's after me. I can't tell if it's catching up because I can't see it, so I keep running to maintain the interval. I don't need to look back, I know where I've been, the problem is to keep a view of where I'm going, it's not easy running this fast and with no end in view.

It's not my enemy, it never has been. Most of my life has been dedicated to it, but always being one step ahead or one step behind it, but in music I work with it, adjusting with it to the thousandth of a second. We've worked so well together and we still do most of the time but when we're not working together I run to keep ahead. Strange, some of my jazz friends have a race to see who can get the most behind!

And now, like a good California surfer, I ride it like the perfect ocean wave. We're perfectly together as I fly on its crest. The dream wave; I'm flying with it, with no end it sight. How long can this incredible ride last. I've seen other surfers slip back and have to tread water, hoping in vain that another wave will come for them. It doesn't. I've seen others slip over the crest and fall. I'm lucky. I stay at the crest and fly but where is it taking me, where will it end? Will it gently let me down on a beautiful sandy beach or will it crash me into a rocky cliff?

But what a ride, I choose to be here, it's clear to me it was a good decision.

What a ride!

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